Top Conversational AI Trends Advancing in 2023

1 min readApr 20, 2023

2022 was a huge year for advancements in AI, particularly within Conversational AI. But what trends will be taken to the next level in 2023? We caught up with experts ahead of our Conversational AI Summit to find out what trends they think will advance in 2023. Experts include:
Andreas Antoniou — CTO at Biomni
Sammer Puran & Philippe Goetschmann — Data Scientists at Swiss Post
Joshua Kaiser — AI & Automation Technology Expert & CEO at Tovie AI
Stefania Catalina Baincescu — Team Lead CAI Romania & Technical Lead at E.ON Software Development
Fang Xu — Senior Data Scientist/AI Expert at Deutsche Telekom
Michael McTear — Emeritus Professor at Ulster University

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