The World’s Biggest Deep Learning Summit — Day 2 Highlights

“This is very different to most conferences. There are both strong academics and really great companies”Matt Cowell, Quanthub

“This is my third RE•WORK summit, I’m now a VIP which is nice, it’s a great mix of attendees and having Ian Goodfellow here is amazing, he’s a superstar” Jacob Miller, CCR

“It’s been incredible to meet people who I’ve read and researched about. Actually speaking to these people is amazing. All of the speakers have time for the attendees which is different to other summits— Martin Beyer, FING

48% of attendees think that AI should be taught in schools from a young age, and another 34% think it should be taught from high school, leaving only 18% of attendees thinking that AI shouldn’t be taught until College level.

Opinions were split between healthcare and education when attendees were asked where they think the largest impact will be made by AI in the coming years with 48% voting healthcare and 52% estimating that education will be most transformed.



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