How is AI Transforming Finance & Insurance?

What’s New?

  • AI in Insurance Summit
    Due to popular demand and the volume of emerging AI research in the insurance industry, the AI in Finance Summit will be joined by this additional track. Attendees will access presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions and deep dive sessions from both summits with one pass, and will network with the world’s leading innovators in the field.
  • Deep Dive Sessions
    Building on the hugely popular workshop stream at last years event, attendees will be able to join in-depth sessions focusing on some of the key topics throughout the summits.
  • Increased Networking Potential
    The addition of a second track means that not only will there be more attendees to network with, but also the volume of speakers and experts will be increased to 400, up from last year’s 250 guests. This will also feature an expanded exhibition area with more showcases and demonstrations of the latest most cutting edge technologies.
  • Live Interviews
    Stop by the interview space in the exhibition area where you can hear the experts discussing their careers in AI and finance as well as their current roles. As these interviews will be taking place in a public space, there will be the opportunity to participate in a Q&A after each recording.
  • Increased Focus on Trending Topics
    As the discussions around regulation, cybersecurity and ethics increase, these topics will take centre stage across both tracks at the summit. Sessions will focus on the explainability of algorithms used within the financial industry, and there will be presentations for business leaders and decision makers specifically as well to compliment the technical sessions.

Summit Highlights

After presenting one of the highest rated sessions at last years’ edition of the summit in New York, Manuela Veloso, Head of Artificial Intelligence Research at JPMorgan Chase & Co will be sharing her latest work on Insights on AI in Finances. Manuela, who is currently on leave from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where she is Herbert A. Simon University Professor in the School of Computer Science, researches in AI, Robotics and Machine Learning. Manuela believes that “Reinforcement learning is extremely powerful but what makes it powerful also makes it dangerous when applying it to the real world”. At the summit, she explained that “J.P. Morgan is a fantastic environment for a researcher and a developer and it is fascinating for me to see how AI can make a difference there. The main problem though, as always, is DATA. How to we deal with data in the most effective way and harness it?”



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