Artist Gender Representation in Music Streaming

Avriel Epps Darling is a researcher, entrepreneur and artist. She is currently a PhD student at Harvard Graduate School of Education, seeking to make a meaningful impact through researching how online machine learning-driven ecologies influence the youth of colour, as they construct and affirm racialized and gendered identities.

Avriel has received numerous awards and honours, including an invitation from the US Department of Education to present her work for Congress. As well as recognition as part of the Top 10% of Undergraduate Social Scientists in The World. Today her research in partnership, with organisations such as Spotify and Snapping, focuses on the intersection of algorithmic bias in content recommendation systems, and racial identity development.

Nikita Johnson, RE•WORK Founder, chatted with Avriel Epps Darling, for our Women in AI Podcast. This is an interview transcript.

Topics explored:

  • Bias in Tech Products
  • The Reason Why Female Artists Are Chronically Underrepresented in the Music Industry
  • The Relationship Between Algorithmic Streams and Organic Streams
  • The Role of Streaming Services for Challenging Inequalities by Spotlighting Underrepresented Artists in Their Recommendations
  • How Different Age Groups Have Different Effects on Streaming
  • The Correlation Between Fluid Identity and Influence Ability
  • The Challenges of Gender Labeling
  • Does Your Background Influence Your Academic Research Later On?
  • Avriel’s Next Step and Ideas for New Research
  • Advice for Those Wanting to Start a Career or Progress in the Field of AI

🎧 Listen to the podcast here.

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