The adoption of AI is constantly increasing, and we were keen to find out what experts thought were the top AI trends in 2023. We caught up with experts from a number of companies including Toyota, Meta, LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, Autodesk and many more, who have predicted what they think the key AI trends will be in 2023. Here are some of the areas that top trends focus on:


Generative AI

Ethical and Responsible AI


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We’ve worked with experts to take a look back on what they thought were the biggest highlights for AI/ML in 2022. A number of highlights were mentioned but with no surprises, Generative AI and ChatGPT by OpenAI were the most popular amongst our experts. A number of other highlights were mentioned including transformers, continued investment in the technology, and the adoption by major corporations.

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2022 has seen the increase in adoption of AI technology, particularly within the finance sector. AT RE•WORK, we hold annual AI in Finance Summits, where experts share all about the latest trends in AI and implementing them into the finance sector. We are sharing the top 3 takeaways from AI in Finance in 2022 with you. Here are the top 3 that we have chosen:

· Himanshu Chaturvedi: Detecting Financial Fraud at Scale

· Susana Ponce-Froment: DeFi Ecosystem and its Impact in the Financial System

· Francois Mercier: Changing Legacy Mindsets Around AI in Finance

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Check out this blog piece from Talkdesk, where they discussed how contact center AI fosters agent engagement. Jay Gupta, Director of Product Marketing for AI, Automation and Analytics, shared insights on engaging agents with AI and automation, and how purpose-driven and inclusive workplaces can be formed.

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Check out this blog piece from LXT with examples of how conversational AI can provide better experiences for employees, customers and businesses in their call centers and throughout their organisations. They shared how the success of any AI solution is the quality of the data used to train its machine learning algorithms and the frequency of retraining those algorithms for continuous learning.

You can read the full blog here to hear more about creating better experiences for employees, customers and businesses using virtual assistants, chatbots and conversational AI:

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We know that trying to predict people’s purchasing decisions is a difficult thing.

Here are the latest innovations and solutions on using ML to improve demand forecasting from Sharon Gieske, Data Science Tech Lead at Picnic Technologies, and Rick Rijkse, Principal Data Scientist at Ahold Delhaize, who joined us at the AI in Retail Summit to share how their businesses have been doing this successfully.

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Are you looking to adopt AI into your company?

We caught up with five AI experts in our RE•WORK community, who have given the best advice for AI leaders looking to adopt AI company-wide, including:

· Ertugrul Dalboy, Manager Machine Learning Engineering at ING

· Sammer Puran, Data Scientist at Swiss Post

· Sarah Haq, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Artsy

· Eric Liese, Lead Architect and Advisor for AI & Analytics Infrastructure at BSH Home Appliances Group

· Aleksandra Kovachev, Data Science Manager at @Delivery Hero

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