14 Areas of Investment for Continued Success in AI

Are you an AI leader looking for continued success of your investments?

14 experts in AI have provided us with the top 14 areas of investment to ensure success in AI. The experts we caught up with include:
Stephen O’ Farrell, Machine Learning Scientist, Integrity & Safety at Bumble
Emmanuel Ferreyra Olivares, Principal Researcher — AI & Data Security at Fujitsu Research
Huma Lodi, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Sky
Hastagiri Vanchinathan, Senior Director, AI at ShareChat
Michael McTear, Emeritus Professor at Ulster University
Florin Coman, Conversational AI Architect at Bosch Service Solutions
Mike Hales, Digital Product Owner — Conversational AI & Contact Capability at BT

Check out the full blog and discover the best areas of investment for continued success: https://bit.ly/3RQjOnX

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